S.Style Premium Package 2020

Lead Time: 2 days
Weight: Various within options

    Our “S” size is an American size which actually fits “L” (Larger than our “M”). Therefore if you need our largest size you must pick “S” instead of “M”.
    Please make sure you have carefully chosen your needed T-Shirt size before shopping.
    We cannot operate any replacing of returned goods so please check out our size chart by the following link:

    T-Shirt size chart

    Thank you!

    “S.Style Premium-Package”includes:
    1 T.Shirt+1 hat + 1 original S.Style “Eurobeat Killers Vol.1” CD or 1 “Eurobeat Killers Vol.2” CD personalized by Bratt Sinclaire’s authentic signature + 1 Bratt Sinclaire picture actually autographed by himself!
    All in one and delivered in few days directly to your home!

    Shipping charge for this product is going to be:

    17$ for Europe

    22$ for Rest of the world

    Eurobeat Killers Vol.1track list:

    Loving Eurobeat/ Dejo & Bon
    Time to say bye bye/ Megan
    Wheelpower and go!/ Dejo & Bon
    No turning back/ Tora
    Boys gone wild/ Dejo
    Toy for love/ Bon
    Tearful eyes/ Les
    You got me Boom Boom/ Tora
    Prayer/ Ducky Chix
    Wilder Faster Louder/ Dejo

    Eurobeat Killers Vol.2 track list:! / Dejo
    Rock my heart / Roberta
    In my supercar / Nando
    Bad joy / Tora
    Crazy love / Casanova
    Call my name / Tora
    Music in action /Bon
    Kiss my boo boo / Mom & dad
    Walking alone in London / Megan
    In the eyes of a tiger / Dejo&Bratt